Explicit and Systematic
K-5 Foundational Skills Instruction

Teaching students how to read can be challenging, but finding a research-based foundational literacy curriculum you can trust can feel even more challenging. 

With Foundations A-Z, you’ll be able to simplify instructional planning and deliver instruction confidently, following explicit lesson plans that follow a Science of Reading-aligned scope and sequence.

See how Foundations A-Z helps teachers deliver all K-5 foundational skills instruction in your classroom with a free 14-day trial, or order today!

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Explicit, Systematic Lesson Plans

Decodable Books and Passages

Access to All Grade Levels

Student Seats per Classroom

Follow Our Scope and Sequence

Research shows that foundational skills instruction must be taught explicitly, systematically, and sequentially to ensure students learn the necessary skills to develop reading proficiency. Foundations A-Z offers a built-in scope and sequence that lays out the order to teach skills that gradually increases in complexity.

Explicit Lessons for all Foundational Skills

Explicit, guided lesson plans that follow a gradual release of responsibility (I Do, You Do, We Do) are easy to implement and allow you to teach all foundational skills, including phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, phonics (including advanced word study), print concepts, and fluency.

Professional Development On-Demand at Point-Of-Use

Access professional development resources on-demand either at point-of-use within the lesson plans or within the Professional Development Library. All resources are available on-demand in video, podcast, or article format, allowing teachers to boost their confidence when delivering Science of Reading-aligned instruction in as little as 5 minutes.

Review, Reteach, and Reinforce

Foundations A-Z simplifies the differentiation of instruction by generating auto-recommended resources within the student dashboard based on unit assessment scores, saving teachers time as they review, reteach, or reinforce specific skills.

An Immersive and Multisensory Student Experience

Foundations A-Z offers both a digital and printable experience for independent student practice. Teachers set the course for students by assigning books and activities for them to complete. Students can access videos, games, digital books, and quizzes in the student portal, while teachers can access printable practice sheets and cards to provide a tactile learning experience.

What's NEW in Foundations A-Z

Be the first to experience the newest features in Foundations A-Z! Take small group and independent practice time to the next level in your classrooms today.

The Explore Zone: Self-Paced and Research-Based

In the new Explore Zone, students can watch videos with explicit instruction, play games, and read grade-level books, unlocking levels and exploring new missions that offer systematic practice in alignment with the Science of Reading. Teachers can reclaim instructional planning time while students practice their foundational skills independently.

Phonics Skills Packs: A Targeted Approach

Teachers can support independent practice time by delivering targeted phonics instruction beyond what most core programs offer. The new Phonics Skill Packs include expertly curated instructional and practice resources, including videos, games, books, and interactivities that are easily assignable with the click of a button.

Try Foundations A-Z in Your Classroom Today

See how Foundations A-Z helps teachers deliver all K-5 foundational skills instruction with a free 14-day trial. No credit card required.

Contact us to request a quote of 10+ licenses for your school or district.


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