Supplement Your K-5 Foundational Skills Curriculum

Teaching students how to read can be challenging, but finding high-quality resources to supplement your research-based scope and sequence can be even more challenging.

Foundations A-Z is an essential K-5 foundational skills solution that provides a robust professional development library, engaging digital books, and multimodal practice opportunities to ensure full foundational skill acquisition for all students.

See how Foundations A-Z can complement your core foundational skills curriculum with a free 14-day trial, or order today!





Engaging Student Activities

Decodable Books and Passages

Access to All Grade Levels

Student Instructional Videos

Resources for All Foundational Skills

The extensive collection of resources and practice activities in Foundations A-Z cover all foundational skills, including phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, phonics (including advanced word study), print concepts, and fluency.

Foundational Support for All Elementary Students

Most foundational skills programs limit instruction to primary elementary grades K-2, leaving upper elementary students in grades 3-5 with less age-appropriate resources and foundational support. Foundations A-Z offers foundational instruction for all elementary students, including those in upper elementary grades, with advanced word study, phonics instruction with an emphasis on affixes, and morphology to develop and strengthen reading proficiency.

Professional Development On-Demand

Browse the Professional Development Library for quick, on-demand videos, podcasts, or articles to enhance the quality of your instruction. Teachers can boost their confidence in delivering Science of Reading-aligned instruction in as little as 5 minutes.

A Wide Range of Fiction and Nonfiction Books

Students have access to a wide variety of digital and printable books, including shared readers, decodable books and passages, and grade level texts that gradually advance in complexity as students age-up. These books include both fiction and nonfiction titles that expose students to real-world topics and build background knowledge.

An Immersive and Multisensory Student Experience

Foundations A-Z offers digital and printable independent student practice options in the form of videos, games, digital books, and quizzes that are available 24/7 in the student portal. These resources are accompanied by a wide variety of printable practice sheets and cards that offer a tactile learning experience.

What's NEW in Foundations A-Z

Be the first to experience the newest features in Foundations A-Z! Take small group and independent practice time to the next level in your classrooms today.

The Explore Zone: Self-Paced and Research-Based

In the new Explore Zone, students can watch videos with explicit instruction, play games, and read grade-level books, unlocking levels and exploring new missions that offer systematic practice in alignment with the Science of Reading. Teachers can reclaim instructional planning time while students practice their foundational skills independently.

Phonics Skills Packs: A Targeted Approach

Teachers can support independent practice time by delivering targeted phonics instruction beyond what most core programs offer. The new Phonics Skill Packs include expertly curated instructional and practice resources, including videos, games, books, and interactivities that are easily assignable with the click of a button.

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See how Foundations A-Z can supplement your K-5 foundational skills curriculum with a free 14-day trial. No credit card required.


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