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Social Studies Curriculum and Literacy Resources

Strengthen literacy skills while expanding social studies knowledge with our elementary social studies curriculum. Packed with over 1,000 resources in printable, projectable, and assignable formats, this curriculum covers a variety of topics such as culture and religion, geography and travel, and more. Designed to support teachers and students, this social studies curriculum includes everything you need to integrate social studies into your literacy block.





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What is an Elementary Social Studies Curriculum?

An elementary social studies curriculum is an interactive system of instruction that focuses on helping students learn about social relationships and how they function in society to prepare them for the future. A quality social studies curriculum covers history, government, economics, geography, and sociology.

An Elementary Social Studies Curriculum for K-5 Students

Learning A-Z prides itself on providing academic solutions for all students from grades K-5, which is why our social studies curriculum contains content intended for upper and lower elementary students. Created with the appropriate interest and readability levels in mind, our elementary social studies curriculum contains everything K-5 students and teachers need to strengthen literacy and social studies skills simultaneously.

One Literacy Solution Covering Multiple Subjects

"I know that I can always find things for Science, and I can definitely find something for Social Studies, but also incorporate all of the different strategies that we are doing in reading. So I do love that I can always get a three-for-one special"

Diana Guy, 5th Grade Teacher

Free Social Studies Curriculum Resources

As an integral part of 1 in 5 classrooms, Learning A-Z provides you with everything you need to build social studies knowledge. Handpicked by our editors, our 15+ focused social studies text collections make it easy to incorporate your social studies curriculum into your literacy block in an affordable way. 

See For Yourself! Download Free Samples of our Elementary Social Studies Curriculum:

Free Sample of
City Street (Grade K)

Free Sample of Ramadan is Here (Grade 1)

Free Sample of
Cesar Chavez and the Delano Grape Strike (Graphic Book)

Free Sample of
The Backpack Tax (Grade 2)

Free Sample of
Community Government
(Grade 2)

Social Studies Text Collections Topics Include:


Home & Family

Community & Neighborhood

Geography & Travel

Culture & Religion

Economics & Business

U.S. History

World History

U.S. Government


And more!

An Affordable K-5 Social Studies Curriculum

We’re proud to be affordable. That’s why Learning A-Z is part of 1 in every 5 elementary classrooms. 

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1,000 books

and so much more!

Enjoy an award-winning library of resources to support the development of social studies knowledge. 


  • 2,000+ printable books at 29 levels of text complexity
  • Social studies text collections that cover a variety of topics
  • Build foundational skills and social studies knowledge
  • Focused instruction packs, teaching materials, and complete, ready-to-use lesson plans

Personalize your elementary social studies curriculum with this award-winning collection of resources, texts, and more.


  • All the value of Reading A-Z and more
  • 50,000+ teacher resources and 3,000+ student texts in printable, projectable, online, and mobile formats
  • Assignable social studies resources and digital reporting
  • An engaging student portal for independent practice

All the value of Reading A-Z


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