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Looking to Spark Joy in Learning?

Our education solutions inspire curiosity, ensure comprehension and instill the joy of learning for all students.

Maximize Success in the Classroom and Beyond

Learning A-Z delivers research-based educational resources at developmentally appropriate levels for every K-5 learning environment.

Made for classrooms, Reading A-Z provides best-in-class leveled reading resources to easily differentiate instruction. 

Best for student practice in-class or at-home, Raz-Kids delivers interactive computer-based and mobile books and quizzes at 29 reading levels.

Made for classrooms and ideal for teachers and student practice, Raz-Plus powers personalized reading instruction, assessment, and practice for PreK-6 students.

Made for classrooms and based on the Science of Reading, Foundations A-Z provides explicit, systematic K-6 instruction to promote literacy for all students. 

Ideal for classrooms and at-home, Vocabulary A-Z is an online resource that allows teachers to easily teach K-6 spelling and vocabulary.

Best for student practice in-class or at-home, Science A-Z blends science and reading to offer a wealth of multilevel readers and engaging activities. 

Instill a Love of Learning

Learning A-Z delivers resources that empowers educators and students, teaches foundational literacy skills, and drives improved academic outcomes.

Trial Includes Free Samples!

"I just wanted to express my thanks for a job well done. My class of kindergarten students LOVE going on Raz-Kids. ... Bless you all for what you are providing for education!"

"I personally use the program [Reading A-Z] with my kindergarten group. I love the leveled books. I use them with my small focus groups."

"In 35 years of teaching, I have not found such a teacher-friendly program [Vocabulary A-Z] that really teaches the child."

— Stephanie Basham; Reading Facilitator

Louisville, Kentucky

— Bill Rook; Teacher

Baldwin Park, California

— Birdy Hartman; Teacher

San Diego, California

Get started for free today. No credit card needed.

How do Learning A-Z’s products work?

Learning A-Z helps teachers foster social-emotional learning with thoughtful, culturally responsive resources. We deliver literacy resources that align with current best practices for research-based instruction. Our products allow teachers to blend instruction using varied resource platforms and tools.

How do students level up in Learning A-Z?

Level Up! - contains a collection of books that students can complete to automatically advance to the next Learning A-Z reading level. Students automatically Level Up! once they listen and read all the books, and pass the comprehension quizzes.

What professional learning options are available?

Learning A-Z provides a variety of live and on-demand professional learning options. To get started, we recommend viewing our recorded webinars and/or micro-learning videos. You can also sign up for our weekly live webinars, which highlight our various resources and provide on-the-spot opportunities to have your questions answered. You may also purchase professional learning and curriculum services that we tailor to meet your needs.

Who is professional learning best suited for?

Learning A-Z offers professional learning that can be tailored to meet the needs of any audience (administrators, teachers, parents, support staff, etc.). Your professional development manager will work with you to ensure your professional learning meets your participants’ specific needs.

Who will be facilitating our professional learning?

Every session is facilitated by an expert educator who has extensive classroom teaching experience, is well-versed in literacy philosophy and pedagogy, and is a skilled Learning A-Z user.

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